Thursday, September 22, 2005

George Washington University
Department of Sociology

LIFE AND DEBT: Cognitive & Behavioral Change Over The Life Course
Robert D. Manning, PhD

Professor of Finance

Rochester Institute of Technology

The meeting will be held at the George Washington University
Marvin Center, Room 403.

6:00 PM reception (light refreshments)
7:00 PM presentation and discussion

Robert D. Manning is Professor of Finance,  Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.  Author of the widely acclaimed CREDIT CARD NATION (Basic Books), which received the 2001 Robert Ezra Park Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sociological Practice, Dr. Manning is a specialist in consumer finance, social inequality, and retail banking deregulation.  His recent collaboration with Michael Hudson, “Banking on Misery,”  received the prestigious 2004 George K Polk Award for investigative journalism and the 2004 Harry Chapin Award for Poverty Research while his path breaking study, “Credit Cards on Campus,” received the 2000 Morris Rosenberg Research Award from the District of Columbia Sociology Society.

A frequently invited expert at U.S. Congressional hearings, Dr. Manning’s research has influenced public policy debate on consumer debt in the US and several countries including Canada, UK and Australia.  Currently, he is involved in developing national financial literacy programs for college students, community-based  alternatives to high cost rent-to-own stores, and an informal bankruptcy option for consumers whom seek to retain their homes.   A frequent commenter on national news programs, a documentary based on his research of the credit card industry is the basis of a forthcoming documentary entitled “Maxed-Out.”  His next book, GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT, will be released in spring 2006 and he is currently writing a book on the global expansion of consumer credit and debt tentatively entitled CREDIT CARD WORLD.  Dr. Manning’s popular website includes research, public policy analyses, and educational programs at

Dr. Manning earned his PhD from The Johns Hopkins University (Comparative International Development), MA from Northern Illinois University (Economic History), and BA from Duke University (Comparative Political Systems).  He is a past Senior Social Science Analyst at the Smithsonian Institution and Senior Fulbright Lecturer to Mexico

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